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One-on-One coaching sessions are based on your needs and your goals. Dependent upon your needs, I can help you uncover parts of yourself you may not have known were there, help you create connection to yourself, your body, and your natural world, help you gain self-confidence and self-esteem, and even help you transition through a difficult breakup or divorce and come through it with a better sense of who you are. I'm here to help, to encourage, to get you on track to the life you want. Coaching sessions can be done in person or online - whatever is most convenient for you!

Please note that in order to do one-on-one sessions you must commit to at least six sessions (generally one session per week)  as most work that will stick with you can't be done in only one or two sessions.



One-On-One Coaching Sessions


Wild Journey Life Coaching

Sessions & Offerings


Therapeutic Group Gatherings and Holistic Retreats

I offer monthly, outdoor group gatherings with different themes in order to help create a community for those experiencing similar issues in life.


Gatherings coming soon:

    DECEMBER 2019 - Sacred Seasons Series: Winter - Inner Stillness - Location and date TBD

Please email for further details about future group gatherings.


Therapeutic wilderness/nature retreats are created sporadically in order for a full emersion in nature and community to be garnered. Some retreats may include meditation, yoga, and nutritious cooking, as well as therapeutic gardening, hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. All retreats retain respect for the whole persons in attendance as well as for the earth and her creatures. Please email to be put on future mailing lists for retreats.




Nutrition, Wellness, and Movement Coaching

Everything in this world is connected and I truly believe the foods we eat and the movement of our bodies is directly connected to our emotions, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. If you are interested in beginning a nutritious, plant-based life (or you're already a pro and just need some support) or if you want more movement and creative expression and joy in your life, please do reach out for a free Discovery Session! I can help you change your relationship with food, allowing for more mindful nutrition, and with natural movement in a way that will help it permanently last in your life and create amazing changes.

Book a Free Discovery Session

with Shannon

Book a free, 30-minute Discovery Session to see if working with me will be the right fit for you!

Email: WildJourneyCoaching@gmail.com
Portland, Oregon 
Available for online/phone clients